About John J. Bowman Jr. Accountant

Professional Bio

John J. Bowman, Jr. is an accountant who is professionally based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While his specialty is as a tax professional, he has had extensive legal and civic experience as well. He has been very hard working and successful; over the years, his professional endeavors have been met with approval and praise my many within his professional network. And his expertise is not only limited to the office, he has been nominated for several civic organizations, such as the Presidential Business Commission and the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle, an initiative of former president Ronald Reagan. In both organizations he has contributed his talents, knowledge, and expertise to furthering causes about which he cares deeply.

Pittsburgh’s Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh and Harvard Business/Law School are two institutions where John J Bowman got his start and developed the skills needed to be a successful accountant and legal professional. At RMU, he concentrated in tax and was an active member of the Young Lawyers Organization. Eventually, the hard work paid off obtained a Bachelor of Science in accounting. After life at Robert Morris, he decided to refine his skills at Harvard Business/Law School and enrolled in the Owner/Management Program. The OMP track increases the student’s knowledge of business/law conduct, management, and expertise. Also characteristic of the program is the chance for students to create a meaningful professional network and strive for professional and financial success.

Mr. Bowman is dedicated and focused, on a mission to make his business the best it can be. He enjoys nothing more than the rewarding challenges that comes with planning, defending, and litigating the most complex tax cases. As CEO of Bowman & Associates Mr. Bowman, is well respected, and has led his firm to stellar reviews and recommendations by satisfied and impressive clients throughout the nation. In fact, he has been ranked as the United States’ number one tax consultant, lawyer, or accountant back to back times- by none other than the Wall Street Journal.

Bowman’s influence and assistance does not stay within the walls of his successful firm. He has stepped up to the plate as an example of one who performs his civic duties. His knowledge of tax law and business acumen have compelled national leadership to seek out his assistance and advice on a number of issues. He has been nominated to both the Presidential Business Commission and the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle, two organizations that were committed to preserving the Republican national interests within the House of Representatives.



Robert Morris University

1971 – 1974

BS Accounting

Concentration: Tax

Activities: Young Lawyers Association

Harvard University

1984 – 1987

OPM (Tax Law & Accounting)

Concentration: Business Administration Tax Law & Accounting

Notable Appointments

Presidential Business Commission

  • Nominated by United States Congress and the Honorable Thomas DeLay (TX)
  • Tax Relief Strategies

Senatorial Inner Circle

  • Founded in 1979 by Former President Ronald Reagan
  • Nominated by former Senator Bill Frist , M.D. (TN)
  • Tax Relief Strategies

Professional Interests

  • Planning, Defending, and Litigating Tax Cases
  • Finance
  • Tax Law
  • Leadership

Accolades + Accomplishments

  • CEO at Bowman and Associates
  • Named #1 Tax Professional for back to back years by the Wall Street Journal
  • Bowman and Associates has been recognized by WSJ as the only U.S. firm that combines EDU law with tax law for high repayment